Tulsi Chai Tea




Tulsi Chai Tea

I love the flavors of chai tea and was looking for ways that I could recreate them with herbs grown at UGArden. I started formulating with a special cultivar of holy basil called ‘Vana’. It is very high in eugenol, which is the same essential oil compound found in cloves. So it tastes very warming and clove-like. It will even numb your tongue when you chew on a fresh leaf! The ginger adds a nice spicy kick and is dried from baby ginger grown at the farm. Licorice mint is one of my current favorites for it’s sweet licorice-y taste. The dandelion and ashwagandha root add depth. Eventually I want to offer this tea blend all year round, but each year I come up short on one my ingredients. 3 years ago I ran out of dandelion, the next year it was licorice mint, last year was ashwagandha, and this year was dandelion again. The joys of farming. We still have a lot left. But once we run out, we won’t be able to¬† until next December. Get it while it lasts and and enjoy a delightfully different take on an old favorite. And it’s caffeine-free!

Ingredients: ‘Vana’ holy basil, ginger, licorice mint, dandelion root, ashwagandha root