This tea is very near and dear to my heart. I fell in love with blue vervain when I was in herb school. It is a perennial medicinal herb that is native to North America. It has an intensely bitter flavor, and is a nervine, meaning it can calm and relax the nervous system. It is especially good for people who tend to get digestive disturbances when they get stressed. It is also great for people who have thoughts swirling around their heads and can find it hard to stay in the present moment. I created this tea when I was in grad school in 2016 to help me deal with stress and knew I wanted to bring it to UGArden. It took me 3 years to learn how to grow blue vervain (the trick to seed starting is to cold stratify the seeds for six weeks in damp sand). This year we are finally able to offer this blend and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When I drink this tea I feel more calm and grounded and it helps me to drop into the present moment instead of getting stuck in my head. We add the blue vervain sparingly, and the bitter taste of the blue vervain is balanced nicely with the adaptogenic and aromatic properties of holy basil and the refreshing taste of mint. They work seamlessly together to provide a tea that is complex, full bodied and very unique. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Ingredients: holy basil, blue vervain, mint