UGArden Plant Sale & Market

Date: May 1st, 2021

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Where: UGArden Student Farm 2510 South Milledge Ave Athens, GA 30605


Come rejoice in the presence of plants and other wonderful things! This is not your average plant sale, folks. Not only will there be an awesome array of medicinal, edible, native, and dye plants–but there will also be nourishing products from some of our favorite local herbie businesses. For those of you who came to our 2020 Herbal Holiday Market, all of those businesses are coming back for the plant sale. And more! Here is our list of vendors:


UGArden Herbs
Cherokee Moon Mixology
Gently Herbal Skincare (previously Professional Plant Girl)
Roseman’s Remedies
Heartsong Herbs
Baby Katie’s Pharm & Kitchen
LUMENous Healing


We are so thrilled to bring the herbal community together yet again for this great beautiful plant party. Whether you’re coming for the plants or the herbal products (or both!) we cannot wait to see you and celebrate herbs together.

We will be set up outside of the white metal barn in the grassy field. To ensure safety for everyone, remember to mask up before you enter the sale area and do your best to practice social distancing 🙂


Check out our Facebook event where we will be posting more information about each vendor as well as plant spotlights!


Nona Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Farm & Nursery specializing in herbs perennials and native plants. Our primary goal is to propagate and spread herbs and plants of medicinal, practical or historical values. The secondary goal is to provide affordable produce and later this year grains delivered directly to consumers in Athens and the surrounding areas.

Dana Nivens, owner and founder of Heartsong Herbs, came to herbalism by way of organic vegetable farming. One by one, the herbs made their way into her fields until the herbs were all there was. The herbs made their way into her heart in much the same way. One herb at a time, she became enthralled by their magic and dove deeper into the world of herbalism. After years of home study and then becoming a student of master herbalist Patricia Howell, Dana turned her passion for these plants into into the realized dream of Heartsong Herbs.

Dana will be bringing all the Heartsong Herb goodies along with over 50 varieties of seedlings, including medicinal and culinary herbs, veggies, flowers, and dye plants. These are the highest quality, organic plant babies around!